Saint Mary's Church

St Mary’s Church, full name St Mary of the Burnt Monastery, is more than likely built on the site of a monastery burnt by raiding Vikings and was the centre of a functioning parish by 1042.

The church contains three Bosdet windows.

The Presentation in the Temple

A double panel.

The window represents the bringing of the infant Jesus by his parents to the Temple in Jerusalem to be consecrated to God, in keeping with Jewish law and custom. The rite required the offering of a pair of turtle-doves. Joseph stands twirling his moustache and holding in his right hand a small wicker cage containing the doves. Mary kneels in profile, hands crossed over her breast. Simeon holds the child Jesus on his right arm and intones his great prayer: “Lord, dismiss now Thy servant in peace, for mine eyes have seen Thy salvation which Thou hast prepared before the face of all people, a light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of Thy people Israel”.

The figures are surmounted by stone canopies with scrolls showing the opening line of Simeon’s prayer: “Seigneur, tu laisses aller ton serviteur maintenant en paix, car mes yeux ont vu ton salut”. Above, a small cruciform window shows the bust of an angel carrying an open book inscribed: “La Parole de Dieu”.

  • Position: South wall, above the chancel altar rail
  • Biblical ref: Luke 2, vv. 21-35
  • Signature: H.T. Bosdet, Xmas 1903 (? — date not entirely legible)
  • Memorial inscription: "A la Gloire de Dieu et en mémoire de Jean Collas 1794-1872, Carterette Vibert, son épouse, 1800 - 1864, Jeanne Vibert, née Dumaresque, mère de la susdite 1776-1861"

The Adoration of the Magi

A double panel.

The left panel represents the Holy Family. Against a timber stable background, with ox and ass, Joseph stands holding his lily staff. Mary is seated with Jesus on her lap.

The right panel shows the Three Kings in adoration, one kneeling in profile bearing a gold crown. Above both panels there is elaborate Gothic architecture with the text: “Je t’ai donné pour être la lumière des nations”. High above a small cruciform window depicts the bust of an angel holding a five-pointed star.

  • Position: South wall, in the choir
  • Biblical ref: Matthew 2, vv.1-12
  • Memorial inscription: "A la gloire de Dieu et en mémoire de John Collas 1825-1899, Jane Le Rossignol 1831-1894. Ce vitrail est érigé par leurs enfants."

The Angels Appear to the Shepherds

A double window.

On the left, the shepherds hear the greeting of the Angel and, on the right, the Angel tells the shepherds of the birth of the Christ Child. Above their heads there are canopies of Gothic architecture with a scroll bearing the words: “Paix sur la terre, bonne volonté envers les hommes”.

This window is notable for its dark, rich colours and finely drawn faces and hands. Above, in a small cruciform window, an angel holds the text: “Gloire soit à Dieu”.

  • Position: South wall, near the pulpit
  • Biblical ref: Luke 2, vv. 8-20
  • Memorial inscription: "A la gloire de Dieu et en mémoire de Clarence Hardeley Collas 1858-1881, Adolphus Collas 1868-1874. Erigé par leurs frères et leurs soeurs."

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