Catalogue & Locations

Location & Subjects of stained glass works by Henry Thomas Bosdet


Legislative Buildings, Bridgetown ( Map link)
"Queen Victoria" Chiswick Studio, 1903


St Mark, Highcliffe ( Map link)
"Archangels Gabriel & Michael" Chiswick Studio, 1910
St Nicholas, Child Okeford: ( Map link)
"Christian Soldiers” Chiswick Studio, 1910
"St George, King David & St Maurice" Chiswick Studio, 1920
"The Annunciation" Chiswick Studio, 1920
St Leonard, Upton St Leonard’s ( Map link)
"Faith, Hope & Charity" Chiswick Studio, 1905
“Angels” (2 lights in the porch, studio & date unknown)
All Saints, Eastleigh, Southampton ( Map link)
"First World War Memorial" Studio and date unknown
St Mary, Kingsclere ( Map link)
"The Adoration of the Magi" Chiswick Studio, 1903
"The Ascension of Christ" Chiswick Studio, 1904
"The Annunciation" Hendon Studio, 1912
St Giles Church, South Mimms ( Map link)
"Noli Me Tangere" and "Holy Women at the Tomb" Hendon Studio, 1911
St Mary’s Church, Bishopsbourne ( Map link)
"St Joseph and The Virgin Mary" Hendon Studio, 1912
St Mary’s Church, Pinchbeck ( Map link)
"The Nativity" Chiswick Studio, 1907
St Mary’s Church, Swineshead ( Map link)
"The Resurrection" Hendon Studio, 1911
St Mary & St Nicholas, Spalding ( Map link)
"The Light of the World" and "The Good Shepherd" Chiswick Studio, 1907
St George’s Church, Kensington ( Map link)
"The Sacrifice of Isaac" Chiswick Studio, 1905
Hexham Abbey, Hexham ( Map link)
"St Andrew’s Call" and "History of Christianity at Hexham" Chiswick Studio, 1905
"The Very Rev’d F.W.Farrar, Dean of Canterbury" Chiswick Studio, 1906
"The Baptism of King Ethelbert" and "Northumbrian Children" Chiswick Studio, 1908
"Northumbrian Saints & Their Histories" Hendon Studio, 1917
St Cuthbert, Greenhead ( Map link)
"Charity" Chiswick Studio, 1908
"Faith" Chiswick Studio, 1908
"Hope" Chiswick Studio, 1908
St Nicholas, Warwick ( Map link)
"The Annunciation" Jersey Studio, 1924
West Sussex
St Mary, Easebourne ( Map link)
"The Sower" Marylebone Studio, 1894
St Mary Magdalene & St Denys, Midhurst ( Map link)
"St Cecilia" Marylebone Studio, 1894
St Peter, Terwick ( Map link)
"The Good Shepherd" Marylebone Studio, 1888


English Church, Dinan (now deconsecrated)
“Annunciation” Chiswick Studio,1903 (Whereabouts unknown)
"Angel appearing to the Shepherds” Chiswick Studio,1906 (Whereabouts unknown)
Rose window, Chiswick Studio,1906 (Whereabouts unknown)


St Mary, Câtel ( Map link)
"The Crucifixion" Camden Studio, 1882


Hilgrove-Turner Mausoleum, La Croix Cemetery ( Map link)
"Holy Virgin & Child" Chiswick Studio, 1905
Saint Brelade
St Aubin on the Hill Church ( Map link)
"The Wedding Feast at Cana" Chiswick Studio, 1900
"St Helier" and "St Magloire" Chiswick Studio, 1907
"St Peter" and "The Good Shepherd" Jersey Studio, 1926
St Brelade's Church ( Map link)
"The Nativity" Chiswick Studio, 1899
"Christ after the Temptation" Chiswick Studio, 1900
"The Annunciation" Chiswick Studio, 1900
"The Good Shepherd" Chiswick Studio, 1900
"The Presentation in the Temple" and "The Baptism of Jesus" Chiswick Studio, 1900
"The Crucifixion" Chiswick Studio, 1901
"The Sower and The Leavened Bread" Chiswick Studio, 1901
"The Resurrection" Hendon Studio, 1911
St Brelade's Church, Fishermen’s Chapel ( Map link)
"St Brelade en Voyage" Hendon Studio, 1915
"St Brelade saying Mass" Hendon Studio, 1915
"St Brelade’s Youth" Hendon Studio, 1915
Saint Helier
Jersey Museum (ex Fishermen’s Chapel) ( Map link)
"Christ with St Peter & St Andrew" Hendon Studio, 1914
"St Brelade Preaching" Hendon Studio, 1915
St Andrew's Church (ex St James) ( Map link)
"The Ascension of Christ" Studio and date unknown
St Helier Town Church ( Map link)
"The Annunciation" Chiswick Studio, 1898
St Luke's Church ( Map link)
"The Good Shepherd" Jersey Studio, 1922
“Angels” Hendon Studio, 1915
3 top lights from “Christ Teaching” (from St James’ Church, now deconsecrated)
Saint John
St John's Church ( Map link)
"Two Archangels" Chiswick Studio, 1910
"The Resurrection" Jersey Studio, 1925
"The Lamb of God" and "St John the Baptist" Jersey Studio, 1926
Saint Lawrence
St Lawrence Church ( Map link)
"The Last Supper" Chiswick Studio, 1901
"Christ the Light of the World and The Good Shepherd" Jersey Studio, 1923
St Matthew's Church ( Map link)
"The Good Shepherd" and a Christ figure (window obscured) Studio and date unknown
Saint Martin
St Martin's Church ( Map link)
"The Nativity" Chiswick Studio, 1899
"The Annunciation" Chiswick Studio, 1907
"The Sacrifice of Abraham" Chiswick Studio, 1908
St Martin de Gouray ( Map link)
"Christ's Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane" Hendon Studio, 1917
Saint Mary
St Mary's Church ( Map link)
"The Presentation in the Temple" Chiswick Studio, 1903
"The Adoration of the Magi" Studio and date unknown
"The Angels Appear to the Shepherds" Studio and date unknown
Saint Ouen
St Ouen's Manor ( Map link)
"Malet de Carteret Coat of Arms" Chiswick Studio, 1906
"Sir Philip de Carteret" and "St.Helier de Carteret" Studio and date unknown
"St Ouen & Granville Coats of Arms" Studio and date unknown
"Spencer & De Caux Coats of Arms" Studio and date unknown
"Corbet, Lemprière & Sarre Coats of Arms" Studio and date unknown
"Malet de Carteret Initials" Studio and date unknown
St Ouen's Manor, St Anne's Chapel
"The Saviour and St Anne" Hendon Studio, 1912
"St Anne Weeping in the Garden" Hendon Studio, 1912
"Joachim Rejected by the High Priest" Hendon Studio, 1912
"The Angel Appears to St Anne" Hendon Studio, 1912
"St Anne and Joachim Meet at the Golden Gate" Hendon Studio, 1912
"The Angel Appears to Joachim" Hendon Studio, 1912
Saint Saviour
St Saviour's Church ( Map link)
"The Man of Sorrows and The Good Shepherd" Chiswick Studio, 1905
"The Annunciation" Chiswick Studio, 1907
"St Martin of Tours" Chiswick Studio, 1907
"Christ the Light of the World and Jesus the Bread of Life" Studio and date unknown
This church also has a painted reredos of The Nativity by Bosdet
Holy Trinity Church ( Map link)
"The Annunciation" Studio and date unknown

Saint Helena

Hutt's Gate
St Matthew’s Church ( Map link)
“The Crucifixion” with “St Mary Virgin” & “St John” Hendon Studio (?),c.1915
“St Peter” and “St Matthew” Hendon Studio (?),c.1915
“St Michael” Hendon Studio (?),c.1915

The Netherlands

Holy Trinity Anglican Church ( Map link)
"Adoration of the Magi" Hendon Studio, 1912
"Good News to the Shepherds" Hendon Studio, 1913
"Jesus & Simeon in the Temple" Hendon Studio, 1913
"The Crucifixion" Hendon Studio, 1919
"Young Jesus debates with the Doctors" Hendon Studio, 1919
"The Last Supper" Jersey Studio. 1921
"The Wedding Feast at Cana" Jersey Studio. 1921
"The Resurrection" Jersey Studio, 1924
"The Ascension" Jersey Studio, 1925


Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, Chicago (now closed)
"The Light of the World" and "The Good Shepherd" Studio and date unknown