Saint Lawrence Church

First recorded in 1198 when King John gave it to the Abbey of Blanchelande in Normandy, the church has been extensively restored recently and some 12th century painting uncovered. The church contains two Bosdet windows.

The Last Supper

A large window of four lights surmounted by ten smaller panels. A long horizontal table, covered by a white embroidered cloth, ties the four lights together. Christ’s head is very sensitively painted, showing strain and suffering. Judas is distinguishable by his sombre halo and the leather money bag in front of him. The smaller panels above above show angels, each bearing a different symbol of Christ’s passion. At the very summit of the group is an angel bearing a shield showing Christ’s monogram IHS (Jesus Hominum Salvator, Jesus Saviuor of Mankind). On either side of him, two very small panels contain scrolls with the words: “By Thy cross and passion, good Lord deliver us.”

Aidan Smith observes: "The complete window must be one of Bosdet’s finest for the subtleties of its colours, the fine drawing, the balance of the composition and the reverence of its atmosphere".

  • Position: East gable behind the high altar.
  • Biblical Ref: Mark 14, vv.17-25
  • Signature: H.T. Bosdet, Englewood Grove Park Terrace, Chiswick
  • Memorial Inscription: "Ad majorem Dei gloriam AD 1901"

Christ The Light of the World ·
The Good Shepherd

A large double window. On the left Christ, crowned with thorns and carrying a lantern, is depicted as the Light of the World. On the right, Christ is portrayed as the Good Shepherd. He cradles a lamb on his left arm and holds a shepherd’s crook in his right hand. Both figures are framed by borders of stylised Gothic foliage. Above in a smaller panel, an angel bears a scroll bearing the quotation: “The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost”.

  • Position: Middle of North wall.
  • Biblical Ref: John 8 v.12, John 10 vv.2-18

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