Saint Andrew's Church

An Anglican Ecclesiastical District Church within the bounds of St Helier built in 1926.

The church contains one Bosdet window.

The Ascension of Christ

A window with three lights.

The central panel shows Christ in a deep red robe, ascending into heaven, with his right hand raised in blessing. He is framed in a mandoria, an almond-shaped halo around the whole body which, in religious art, signifies a state of glory.

In the left panel, the Virgin Mary kneels with hands joined, looking up at her departing Son. Two apostles stand behind her, one of them being James with the brocade of his robe woven with his symbol, the scallop shell.

On the right are three more figures. The young man in the middle, holding the book, represents St John the Beloved Disciple. The kneeling man with hands joined is probably St Peter.

Historical note: The window was originally in St James’ Church in St Helier and dates from the early part of the twentieth century. When St James was transformed into a concert hall, the window was removed, reduced in height and installed in St Andrew’s Church in 1984.

  • Position: North wall, towards the back of the church
  • Biblical ref: Acts 1, vv. 6-11
  • Memorial inscription: "In memory of of Philip Edwin Jean, 5th June 1905 - 31st May 1984, Peace Perfect Peace" (the memorial inscription is a recent addition)

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