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Two windows are displayed in the History of Jersey exhibition. In poor condition, they were removed from the Fishermen’s Chapel in 1987 when the Chapel was excavated and restored.

St Brelade Preaching
Christ with St Peter and St Andrew

The left hand window, originally in the west wall of the Fishermen’s Chapel, is slightly taller than the other, and shows St Brelade in priestly robes, standing on seaweed on the shore and holding a staff topped by a crucifix in his right hand. In front of him kneels a local chief, indicated by a plain gold band round his head, and his followers, all being blessed by the saint. In the background, there is the rust coloured sail of a boat and cliffs in the distance.

The right-hand window, from the east end of the Chapel, depicts Christ with arms outstretched. Below him, in two smaller panels, stand St Peter with his symbolic keys and St Andrew supporting his traditional diagonal cross. Below them is a scroll bearing the words: “Erant enim Piscatores” (For they were Fishermen).

  • Position: In the religious section of Our Island Story
  • Signature: H.T. Bosdet. According to the minutes of the Ecclesiastical Court, the window of Christ and two apostles dates from 1914, and that of St Brelade from 1915.
  • Memorial inscription: "A la Gloire de Dieu et en mémoire de Peter Briard, Lieut. Bailli, décédé le 25 mars 1906, âgé de 76 ans. Ces vitraux sont présentés par sa veuve Marie Richardson, née Tardiff."

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