Hilgrove-Turner Mausoleum

Built by Sir Adolphus Hilgrove Turner in 1905 at La Croix Cemetery, Grouville as a memorial to his mother, the mausoleum is modelled on a Romanesque chapel with a semi-circular apse containing three small arched windows facing east, and a doorway under a Norman arch at the west end. Inscribed on the dressed granite arch are the words “In Memoriam Matris Dilectissimae” (“In Memory of the Most Delightful Mother”). The crypt contains the coffins of Adolphus’s mother Elizabeth, of his maiden aunt Mary, and of Adolphus himself. Adolphus held the office of H.M. Attorney-General of Jersey at his death in 1907.

The mausoleum contains three Bosdet windows.

Access to the mausoleum may be obtained by permission from the Parish of Grouville.

Central Window

The central window of the apse depicts the Virgin Mary and Holy Child. Mary is wearing a blue cloak. She is standing holding the Infant Jesus with his head cradled against her cheek. Jesus’ left hand rests on Mary’s chest, whilst his right hand gently strokes her face, and a tiny foot appears under his white gown. The figures are back lit in muted green by small lozenge shaped panels (the heraldic pattern for displaying a widow’s emblem) and decorated with shamrocks (Adolphus’ mother’s maiden name was McNeill, an Irish family), which are repeated in small roundels at the base of the lozenges and in a narrow border round the window. At the base is a scroll bearing the legend: “Dorm Dulcis Anima In Pace Christi” ( “A Sweet Soul Sleeps in Christ’s Peace”).

Side Windows

The two windows on each side replicate the same muted green lozenge panels, roundels and surrounding borders, and decorated, like the central window, with shamrocks.

The windows, like the building which houses them, are delightfully simple and exquisitely designed. Unfortunately a glass in each of the side windows has been damaged.

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