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Collage of Bosdet works in Jersey

Celebrating the life and work of Henry Thomas Bosdet

The Glass Rainbow Trust has been set up as a Jersey Registered Charity to celebrate the life and work of Henry Thomas Bosdet, a Jerseyman born in 1856, and to encourage learning about Bosdet and the art of stained glass. Bosdet lived and worked in London, for many years he was Professor of Life Drawing at the Royal Academy of Art. He is best known in Jersey as a master craftsman in stained glass and many of the Island's churches and its principal manor house boast Bosdet windows which are breathtaking in their design and execution.

"The colouring of the glass is somewhat unconventional. A bold and effective use of very dark shades in the background throws the warmer colours into relief, while it gives the picture its prevailing note of religious repose. The faces and attitudes are singularly reverent and dignified, notably those of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph, though perhaps the most beautiful part of the window is the tender wonderment depicted on the worn face of the old man who kneels close to the Holy Child on the left. All the faces have real individuality. The colours of the garments are exceedingly good and varied. Although they are rich and powerful there is no colour predominating, as is so often the case in less carefully coloured stained glass windows. The whole window is agreeable to look at, good in tone, and the graduations of light and shade are perfect."
-St Mary’s Parish Church Magazine 1903

Jersey windows by Henry Thomas Bosdet

St Andrew's Church - St Lawrence, Jersey

The Ascension of Christ

St Aubin on the Hill Church - St Aubin, Jersey

St Peter, The Good Shepherd (1926)

St Helier, St Magloire (1907)

The Wedding Feast at Cana (1900)

St Brelade's Church - St Brelade, Jersey

Christ after the Temptation (1900)

The Crucifixion (1901)

The Sower, The Leavened Bread (1901)

The Good Shepherd (1900)

The Resurrection (1911)

The Annunciation (1900)

The Nativity (1899)

The Presentation in the Temple, The Baptism of Christ (1900)

St Brelade's Fisherman's Chapel - St Brelade, Jersey

The Journey of St Brelade (1915)

St Brelade saying Mass (1915)

St Brelade's Youth (1915)

St Helier Church - St Helier, Jersey

The Annunciation (1898)

St John's Church - St John, Jersey

Two Archangels (1910)

The Resurrection (1925)

The Lamb of God, St John the Baptist (1926)

St Lawrence's Church - St Lawrence, Jersey

The Last Supper (1901)

Christ the Light of the World, The Good Shepherd (1923)

St Luke's Church - St Helier, Jersey

The Good Shepherd (1922)

St Martin's Church - St Martin, Jersey

The Annunciation (1907)

The Nativity (1899)

The Sacrifice of Abraham (1908)

St Martin de Gouray - Gorey, Jersey

Christ's agony in the Garden of Gethsemane (1917)

St Mary's Church - St Mary, Jersey

The Presentation in the Temple (1903)

The Adoration of the Magi

The Angels appear to the Shepherds

St Ouen's Manor - St Ouen, Jersey

Sir Philip de Carteret & Sir Helier de Carteret

St Ouen & Granville Coats of Arms

Spencer & De Caux Coats of Arms

Corbet, Lempriere, and Sarre Coats of Arms

Malet de Carteret Coat of Arms

Malet de Carteret Initials (1906)

St Ouen's Manor Chapel - St Ouen, Jersey

The Saviour and St Anne (1912)

St Anne weeping in the garden (1912)

Joachim rejected by the High Priest (1912)

The Angel appears to St Anne (1912)

St Anne and Joachim meet at the Golden Gate (1912)

The Angel appears to Joachim (1912)

St Saviour's Church - St Saviour, Jersey

Christ the Light of the World, Jesus the Bread of Life

The Man of Sorrows, The Good Shepherd (1905)

The Annunciation (1907)

St Martin of Tours (1907)

The Nativity (1907)

Holy Trinity Church - Trinity, Jersey

The Annunciation (1898)

Jersey Museum - St Helier, Jersey

St Brelade Preaching (ex Fisherman's Chapel) (1915)

Christ with St Peter and St Andrew (ex Fisherman's Chapel) (1914)

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